Many people are curious about Spirit and how I can support those who have lost someone special to them. I’ve put together this list to give you some ideas but do feel free to get in touch if you’re not sure.

What areas do you cover, Dorothy?

I’m based in Brighton, so if you’re local to Brighton and Hove that’s ideal. I’d be happy to travel further into East and West Sussex, too, but may need to charge you a little extra to cover my time and travel costs.

Don’t let location put you off. Let me know if you’d like to link up with me via Skype.

I offer demonstrations at selected UK-based locations. Why not refer to my schedule on this website?

What is a psychic medium?

As a medium with psychic abilities, I can receive messages from the spirit world or from higher dimensions. Whilst I’m not “all seeing”, my role is to be channel communication and offer psychic guidance.

How do you work?

I offer demonstrations at the Brighton National Spiritualist Church, and elsewhere in the South. Also, you’re welcome to attend one of my 1-day or weekend workshops at my purpose-built centre, the Dorothy Young Centre.

If you’re after something more personal, I’d be pleased to discuss my one-to-one sessions. And, if you’re an aspiring medium, you could benefit from my mentorship programme.

Do I have to be a firm “believer”?

No, indeed. I welcome people of faith, of no faith, sceptics and spiritualism followers alike. Many attend my demonstrations with a fascination for the paranormal and nothing more. However, these sessions are a positive affirmation of life after death, so I would only ask that you come with an open mind.

Are there things that you won’t do, or refuse to answer?

Although I can offer proof of life, I don’t offer advice on important life decisions. After all, I’m not walking in your shoes. Instead, I can offer you insights from the spirit world that may (or may not) help you to make the right choices for your life going forwards. We are always in control of our own destiny.

On a practical note: How do I pay?

I would ask you to pay in advance. I will provide bank details when we agree to go ahead. Or, you can bring your payment with you at your special time with me.

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