Life Coaching & Emotional Support

Life coaching Services in Brighton and Hove

My name is Dorothy. I offer effective life coaching services and emotional support to men and women. Just a few sessions could help you to see things more clearly.

How Are You Today?

Are you stuck? Have you experienced loss, either through bereavement, divorce or separation? Perhaps you’re just going through a really tough time at the moment and you could do with a helping hand.

A sounding board, maybe. Someone to enable you to see the wood for the trees. Someone to help you set achievable goals. Goals you can actually reach – and hopefully, start to feel a whole lot better about yourself and the world around you.

How Do I Work?

Our sessions are private, one and one and of course, totally confidential. There’s no embarrassment or shame in feeling at a loss or needing a new direction. It’s just how it is.

We’ll set some objectives.

What does “happy” look like? What are you trying to achieve? Where are you now and were would you like to be?

Then, with some guidance, my role is to empower YOU (yes, that’s YOU) to make the changes you need. Small steps. I won’t tell you what to do. But, here’s the thing: I will make you accountable. Having a life coach is like your very own Jimminy Cricket.

The Benefits of Life Coaching

This isn’t about having the perfect life. It’s about being OK with yourself. Being happy in your own skin. Knowing what your purpose is. There’s a lot of power in purpose.

Self-empowerment? I’m all over this one. And, I’ll help you to focus on being the best you can be within your everyday framework of life. I’m a good listener and will offer you empathy and understanding, totally without judgement. I will never, ever judge you.

Let’s work together on your fears and your beliefs. They may not be true, you know.

Why not contact me today to find out more?

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