Mentorships For Mediums

One to one mentorship programmes for aspiring mediums in Brighton and Sussex.

Welcome to my mentorship programmes page.

Life as a medium requires empathy, compassion, morality and compassion. Are you ready to learn to connect with Spirit? Or develop the spiritual power that’s innately within you, hidden in some way? Maybe you’re already be working on your natural abilities. I’d like you to close your eyes and imagine me reaching out and taking your hand in support and friendship.

As an experienced spiritual medium, I work with the SAGB in the UK and hold a Certificate of Recognition with the Spiritualists’ National Union. I’d be very pleased to share my journey with you and to offer you my benefit of hindsight. After all, no path is a straightforward one. We all need a little guidance.

Bespoke Mentorship Programmes. Help and Support along YOUR personal Spiritual way

Whatever your walk of life or stage of development within mediumship, it will be my great honour to help you achieve your goals and embrace your spiritual truth, whatever that means to you.

I offer a series of mentorship sessions on a month-by-month basis, aimed at those who are developing mediums. I can work with men and women of all ages and backgrounds who wish to expand and grow their spiritual lives.

This is mentoring that supports your goal to be able to offer comfort to others through proof of life after physical death. Or, enable you to be conscious of that elusive “something else” – the energy all around us.

Obviously, there are no quick fixes or instant enlightenment. Life doesn’t work like that, and neither does Spirit! Therefore, fine-tuning and developing your intuition could take some time. And, your progress maybe faster at certain times than at others.

How it Works

With one-to-one fortnightly sessions, we’ll set goals and discuss your expectations. Each of us is different, so please feel comfortable to share with me as much as you need to.

I’ll encourage you to bring out your latent qualities and to embrace total faith in yourself. We’ll work together to uncover your best intuitive self – the one that you know you have but may have put aside.

Will I Tell You What to Do?


My role is never to tell you what to do, although we may discuss and agree a number of important things to consider, review and some meaningful actions that you can take between our mentoring sessions. The power is within YOU. I’d be delighted to offer you advice, guidance and to share with you the highs and lows of my experience as a psychic medium.

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