One to One Healing

I offer spiritual healing on a one-to-one basis.

Although I’m not a doctor and can offer no medical certainties or guarantees, my role as a psychic medium is to channel the energies from the world of spirit to promote good healing for your mind, body and soul.

I carry out healing fully in accordance with the philosophy and teachings of the SNU (Spiritualist’ National Union) and of course, within their code of conduct.

How Are You Today?

Are you feeling a little out of balance? It goes (almost) without saying that the mind is a powerful influencer on your physical health; the body affects your mental health, too. We’re not one thing, or the other.

We’re everything.

Heart, Soul, Mind, Body, Spirit. The whole package of what it means to be human, in other words.

Addressing only one element of an illness rarely leads to effective, long-term healing. And I can help.

What Can Spiritual Healing Do for You?

Spiritual healing can restore harmony and balance to you holistically, that is, to your whole body-heart-mind wellbeing and health. There are no quick fixes, but a flow of beneficial energy could help you on your way to the old you, with more positive feelings and a bit of a spring in your step, perhaps.

You may find that this type of healing complements and augments traditional medicine, so do contact me to find out more.

Don’t forget, though: you don’t need to feel physically unwell to benefit from this type of healing. My skills are aimed at restoring balance in your life – and that can only be a good thing, I’m sure you’ll agree!

What Happens During a Spiritual Healing Session?

Talk to me about what ails you, should you so wish. I’m here to support you and I used to be a nurse. Good listening skills are in my DNA.

Feel free to relax. Close your eyes in what will of course be a safe and secure environment. I’ll work with my hands a short distance from your body and with your permission, will place my hands lightly on your shoulders.

You may experience a tingling sensation, or a warmth of some sort. There’s no need to worry. Healing seeks to uncover the cause of what’s troubling you and to treat the underlying root of the problem. It may not “work” immediately. Perhaps you’ll wake up a few days later with renewed optimism, a sort of energy you’ve not experienced for some time. You may even feel an emotional release, so be prepared for a few tears – but good ones, of course.

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