Psychic Readings in Brighton

If psychic readings are of interest to you, you may like to know that I offer this service over the phone, via Skype and of course, in person. However, I am based in Brighton so if you are local to the area a One to One reading would be highly appropriate.

Psychic reader Dorothy Young

Psychic readings with Dorothy Young of Brighton

I feel immensely honoured to have the gift of heightened perceptive abilities and natural extensions of the basic human senses.  At difficult times of bereavement, I can enable connections between you and your loved ones who have passed over.  My aim is to bring comfort and consolation in the best way I can.

Or perhaps you are at a crossroads in your life. Maybe you’re not quite sure how best to move forwards or you’re searching for that special “something else”.   I can help you to identify what that something else may be or to empower you when or if you feel that things are going wrong.

One to One Psychic Readings in Brighton

I offer one-to-one psychic readings, as well as spiritual healing services, providing a reassuring and safe environment wherever you may be in your life’s journey.

In addition psychic readings, I work with individuals to support them to make changes in their lives. I’ll help you to look beyond the every day, channelling your innate spiritual gifts and the energy that is within you. I’ll help you to take ownership of YOU as an individual and to start enjoying life again.

Distant Psychic Readings

Not in the Brighton area? Don’t worry.  We can still work together via telephone and/or Skype.
This is by appointment only and readings are paid for in advance. Thank you.

Psychic workshops and groups

Whatever your situation and wherever you are in life, you are most welcome to attend one of my spiritual groups within Brighton or at other locations or events around the country.

See my personal appearance diary page for more details

Spiritual groups are a great way to start becoming acquainted with the spirit world and THE best way to meet and feel a bond with like-minded individuals. Come along, make new friends and and start your journey of discovery.

I’d love to hear from you so contact me today.

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