Psychic Readings in Brighton

My name is Dorothy Young and I’m a Sussex-based Psychic Medium.

I truly recognise how devastating it is no longer to have the person you love by your side. Sadly, pain is something I witness all too often. Therefore, it gives me immense joy and satisfaction to enable the bereaved to know that their loved ones have “made it home”.

Whether it’s your Mum or Dad, both parents, your wife, husband, partner or friend, love is what makes us human. Essentially, love is everything. Love is life. I feel very honoured to have the gift of heightened perceptive abilities and natural extensions of the basic human senses. My aim? To bring comfort and consolation in the best way I can.

One to One Psychic Readings

If you’re based in Brighton and Hove, I offer you one-to-one readings. As an experienced psychic medium, not only do I aim to prove that that your loved one lives on in spirit, I can provide a reassuring and safe environment to help you explore the path that you may wish to take upon life’s journey.

Maybe a different path. Read more about my life coaching services.

Demonstrations and Workshops

Whether you hope to connect with someone in the spirit world, or you’re keen to find out more about how spiritualism works, why not come along to one of my demonstrations in and around Brighton and throughout Sussex?

These events will captivate you. With great energy, my demonstrations offer a positive, uplifting experience for all.

You can see my personal appearances on my diary page.

Spiritual Workshops

There are many things on this earth that we’re only at the early stages of knowing and learning. Therefore, you may wish to join one or more of my one-day or weekend workshops to explore the myriad types of ways to connect powerfully with the body, mind and spirit.

Examples could include astrology, mediumship, healing, and shamanism. Read more about my spiritual workshops here.

Keen to learn more? I’d be delighted to speak to you. Contact me on this site and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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