An Invitation to my Spiritual Workshops

As a spiritual medium, I know that grief can really knock us sideways, stopping us from functioning properly and affecting our emotional, even physical health.  The pain that sits on your chest and upper back is almost tangible, isn’t it?  You may have read my previous blog about grief and my heart goes out to you.

it brings me joy and is a great privilege to know that I can offer a degree of comfort to those who have lost loved ones and who have passed into the Spirit World.  I feel very blessed and I love what I do with all my heart.

If you have lost someone special, you may have been searching for answers.  I meet many people in these circumstances who, having started to develop an awareness and expansion of their senses (otherwise known as a “sixth sense”) have explored being part of a development circle.  Is this you?  If so, it is my great pleasure to invite you to a Spiritual Workshop.

They are a safe place and an effective catalyst for you to develop your skills from a spiritual, mental and emotional point of view.

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If you’d like to open up further to your own Spiritual gifts and increase your connection to the Spirit World, I feel certain that being part of a development group will help you expand this desire.  If you have ever had a wish or just a particular feeling that you would like to become a Healer or a Medium, coming along to a workshop could be just the tool that you need to help you embrace this instinct.

Just in case you are feeling nervous about coming to a Workshop as a group session then let me offer you some reassurance.

It is Warm and Welcoming

You’ll be in a structured yet guided environment and from my experience, in excellent, like-minded company.  You are not alone.  You’ll form instantaneous, warm bonds with each other – you are seeking similar goals, after all.

I take pride in supporting each and every person who comes through the door and I’ll make sure that I’m one hundred percent mindful of your particular needs.  Feel free to give me your feedback as the session progresses and also please be aware that you can ask for help at any stage.  You’ll be developing your  learning at your own pace in a safe and secure environment and fully supported each step of the way.

All Faiths are Welcome and those of None at All

Most faiths support a belief in the afterlife, which is comforting to many.  However, we all survive death no matter what type of religion that we choose to believe in. Spiritualism has no creed or dogma and allows and enhances the development of one’s own Spirit. Soul growth is such a special progress of self-development and expanse of that all knowing leads to a richer fuller life.

Will I be as able as the other participants in the Workshop?

Please don’t worry.  You will be in a very supportive environment.  I will offer you guidance and advice instantly.  Let me reassure you that you will be within a very supportive environment. Each one of us progresses at a difference pace and it goes without saying that there is no right or wrong way.

We all need guidance in how to express our progress and we must always be mindful of how we articulate what we do.  We trust in who we are and what is our truth.

Learning is empowering.

At whatever stage in life you have reached, our own personal progress is liberating and inspirational.  A strong desire to improve how we look at life and to develop our inner skills can be a motivating factor in growing our abilities.

Personal progress is empowering and liberating, it even changes how we look at life.  To be with like-minded people linked in friendship and love opens us up to so many possibilities with regard to reaching our true Spiritual potential.  Through developing our psychic and Spirit facilities we can truly reach our “sixth sense”.

Let me reassure you. Let me invite you to come to one of my workshops in a true sense of love.

Love is life.


With love

Dorothy Young


  1. By Robert Sallis-Prokopiou on

    Hi Dorothy

    I hope this message finds you well.

    I would be interested to attend your Spiritual Workshop/s.

    How often do you host these and what does it cost per session?

    Thank you


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  2. By ian macnamara on

    Hi Dorothy.i am age 49,father of four,living in Hassocks,proud owner of a rather fried brain,looking to maybe join/meet other spiritually minded people for workshops and experiences.i am especially interested in healing/energy stuff and sharing time with other sensitive people.i enjoy meditating in a group and being open to anything that may arise.i could possibly make weekend or evening workshops if you have anything kind regards.ian

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  3. By val harber on

    Hi looking forward to swing yiu in July at the storrington event. However I’m wondering if you have a vacancy in an awareness /development group starting around,Easter . I’d,appreciate it . Brighton is fine

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