A Big Hello from Dorothy Young

Greetings!.  My first blog. Goodness me, I never thought that I’d actually be embracing the concept of getting my spiritual medium message “out there” in internet land, but here I am. I’m delighted to have had such positive feedback on my website and hope that this will be the first of many blogs to share with you all.

My blogs will let you know my news, updates and any exciting developments in my mediumship on a regular basis. Those in the spirit world have welcomed me so warmly and I feel honoured to do what I do.  I’m excited to be able to connect YOU with those who loved you and who are still with you and loving you.

I’ve had a journey towards spiritualism which I’d like to share with you. So, how did I get here?

I suppose you could say that spiritualism found me and that I embraced it gradually, with my interest increasing over the past few years.  However, I was always an open-minded person, aware that energy exists all around us.  I realised that life is more profound and meaningful than many of us know. And beautiful too, of course. I must have felt this as a young teenager without being able to define it.

Having been a nurse in the early part of my career, I look back at that time with very fond memories.  I’m pleased that I helped to care for vulnerable children and families at a time when they needed it most and I know that I made a difference in their lives.  There are parallels between what I do now and being a nurse, I think: empathy, compassion and understanding whilst maintaining a degree of disengagement (so that you don’t get too upset).

Before my nursing career, I worked in an office but it was so boring I can hardly bear to write about it.  So I won’t!

Our “day job”? Nearly thirty years ago, my husband Alan and I founded a successful print and graphic design agency, which, although witness to many industry related changes, is still part of our lives, although less so, as my mediumship has developed.

I came “properly” to spiritualism about 12 years ago, when I started attending a Spiritualist church in Brighton, having been a curious but interested observer.  I became part of a Development Circle at the Brighton Central Spiritualist Church and developed my mediumship skills in an Open Circle at the Brighton National Spiritualist Church.

I feel immensely proud to have passed my final Assessment of Certification this year with the Spiritualist National Union in speaking and demonstrating and to have successfully auditioned with the SAGB in Belgrave Road London.  I’ll be working there next year and of course, I’m absolutely thrilled with how my life has changed.  You never really stop learning, though, so I’ll be continuing my studies at the Arthur Findley College in 2015, enabling me to develop my skills and help others. What could be better?

I was asked what I do the other day and it’s simple, really: I offer proof that our loved ones are still with us – proof of life, in other words.  My role is to act as the conduit between you and those who have passed over. I aim to bring peace and comfort if you’ve lost your beloved husband, your wife or your life partner; if your Dad or your Mum has passed, I’d like to hold your hand and prove that they are next to you, your own private and quiet support system guiding you along life’s path.

I’d like to help you, too and would be happy to discuss how best to move forward.  Feel free to contact me today.

Dorothy Young

November, 2014


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