Grief and Loss: a personal view by Dorothy Young

Whether at a young age or later on in life, it happens to all of us. It knocks us sideways with its full force, bringing with it waves of pain, sometimes so overwhelming that we can’t eat, sleep or function normally. It pays no respect to class, income or health and can take months, if not years to recover from, if indeed we ever do.

It” is of course, grief. Losing someone you love is very painful and you may experience all sorts of difficult emotions as you struggle to come to terms with the sure and certain knowledge that they are no longer present in the physical sense.

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There is no correct way to deal with loss. Grief is a highly personal and individual experience and your response will depend on your coping style, your life experience and the nature of the loss itself.

It takes time and can’t be forced or hurried. Some people start to recover in a few months, others considerably longer. Whatever your circumstances, it’s important to take your time and to be patient with yourself.

Symptoms of Grief

Whilst we’re all very different, many of the following thoughts, feelings and symptoms may apply to you:

Disbelief and Shock. It’s hard to accept that someone has died. You may feel numb and have trouble facing the truth about what has happened. Perhaps you keep expecting the sound of their key in the door at any moment.

Anger. Perhaps you feel resentment and anger towards the person that you’ve lost. How dare they leave you?

Guilt. There may be things that you wish you’d said – or not said. But you feel that it’s too late now to put things right. Maybe you feel that you could have prevented your loved one from dying in some way.

Fear. You may feel anxious, insecure and even experience panic attacks. The death of a loved one can sometimes trigger fears about your own health and mortality and of the responsibilities you now face alone.

Physical Symptoms. That pain in your chest, your lowered immunity and the chronic fatigue you may be experiencing is normal. Grief manifests itself in much more than emotional pain.


Have YOU Lost Someone Special?

As a spiritual medium, I meet many people experiencing profound loss, many of whom may be looking for answers, or re-assurance. Some seek me out several years after the loss of a loved one, others just a matter of days. The common denominator is emotional pain; as an empathetic person, If I can help you, I will.

When you strongly miss the actual presence of another person, I aim to offer you proof of the continued existence of his or her human soul. I can’t heal your pain (would that I could) but I believe that I can offer you a different perspective, bring some comfort and, if appropriate, closure – although I don’t really like that term much.



My role is to provide evidence that your beloved husband or wife still walks with you; that the son you lost in a car accident still loves you and watches over you; that the grandmother whom you miss every day remembers your favourite toy and feels pleasure at how you have matured into the person that you are today.

I find it profoundly satisfying that as a spiritual medium, I can pass messages from the spirit world to you if you are experiencing loss and sadness.  Receiving communication from your loved one enables me to prove that there is only separation in the physical sense.  This gives evidence of the cotinuation of life in the Spirit World and this, I trust, will give you the comfort you need.

Remember, love is life and lasts forever.







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