The Importance of Empathy

Greetings one and all.  Goodness me, where did our summer go?  I can’t quite believe that we’re already into Autumn and starting to embrace crisper, colder days.

This month’s blog is all about that ability which we think we have but not all of us do have and it’s one that’s pretty much essential to my work: Empathy. Putting oneself into another person’s shoes, the link between oneself and others, is good for us and demonstrates emotional intelligence.

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I’m not talking about psychic empathy here (the skill literally to know what another person is feeling), but rather relating to how someone may feel, their thought processes and the appreciation of their potential level of pain or grief. The building block, as it were, of the moral compass that makes us decent human beings.  Empathy appears to have deep roots in our brains and bodies, with studies showing that even dogs demonstrate empathy now and again.  Man’s best friend and all that.

When I sit with someone who has lost a loved one, I’m always wary of how not to behave and what not to do.  Saying things like “you’ll get over it” and “isn’t it time that you stopped grieving now” are the most inappropriate, unkind blandishments that I can think of.  Unforgivable! Moreover, I could never know how you feel just that I know how you may be feeling.  My controlled but empathetic approach was key to my fulfilling career in nursing, as it is now in my spiritual medium work.

As a spiritual medium, my role is to ease your grief as much as I can and to provide proof of the continual presence of someone that you’ve loved and who has moved into the spirit world. You’re in pain and you may need some answers.  I will listen to you and focus on understanding what you’re going through without judgement.

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I would never interpose my own experiences nor tell you how to feel or what to do.  I will engage fully with your sadness and loss, providing the comfort that you need to the best of my ability.

Empathy helps me to know that each individual has a unique journey and is, I think, a vital first step towards compassion.  Empathy goes beyond sympathy,moving from “feeling for” to “feeling with”.  You are on your own unique journey and I’ll like to help you to reach a calmer, happier place.


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