What is Spiritualism

Have you ever wondered what spiritualism actually is? It has its roots in America as far back as the 19th century and has a long-established history within our culture.

As a psychic medium, it brings me great personal joy to help my clients recognise that their loved ones, although passed over, are still with them. You could say that my gifts as a medium underpin and inform my whole life. But what exactly is spiritualism in today’s sceptical world? And how can it make a difference to our lives?

In brief, Spiritualists believe that every human soul survives bodily death and that these souls continue to exist within the spirit world. In other words, we have faith in continued existence. Also, that people who have died are in the spiritual world and that they can – and do – communicate with us.

Is Spiritualism a religion?

Spiritualism is not a religion in the orthodox sense of the word, and although we do practice at Spiritualist churches (including the Brighton National Spiritualist Church), we don’t have a body of theology, as would apply to Christianity or Islam, for example.

At its core are the Seven Principles. These are the concepts of philosophy, religion and science that lie beneath what we do and how we operate.

Modern spiritualism follows no set rules, however. It’s simply the proof of survival and could therefore be seen as one of the world’s most comforting systems of beliefs. Why? Because it’s about consolation in loss, and it embraces a whole host of ways of thinking and attitudes.

In my opinion, and in the view of current-day spiritualists, Spiritualism is based on natural, scientific laws and is not about the supernatural or any concept of Victorian side-show entertainment. Whilst my demonstrations are engaging (I hope), thought-provoking and could even be a next day “water cooler moment” at work, Spiritualism is based on demonstrated evidence of life after death, rather than showy entertainment.

I hope that makes sense.

What is a medium?

My role as a spiritual medium in Brighton is to be the conduit through which your loved one communicates to you. Under the right conditions, connections can be made with the departed – although as an ethical medium, I should say that this cannot be guaranteed.

If you would like to learn more about Spiritualism, then do get in touch.

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