Spiritual Workshops and Groups

Spiritual Workshops and Groups

Spiritual Workshops and groupsIf being in the company of others who have also lost someone is important to you, you are on the right page. Perhaps you realise that spiritualism is starting to make sense to you.

Whatever your situation and wherever you are in life, you are most welcome to attend one of my spiritual groups within Brighton or at other locations or events in Sussex.

Spiritual groups are an effective introduction to the spirit world and a great way to join together with like-minded individuals. Come along, meet some new people and start your journey of discovery. I run small to medium sized groups that are friendly and informal. You’ll be sure of a warm, genuine welcome.  During my workshops, we’ll:

  • Look at the mechanics of mediumship – what is it and how does it “work”?
  • Examine how to develop the communication, enabling you to receive accurate and precise information
  • Let go of any thoughts of weakness and focus on celebrating your work and on acknowledging your strengths


As an ethical spiritual medium, I am the figurative mouthpiece of those who reach out to you – and believe me, your loved ones who have passed over want to do this. However, let me gently manage your expectations: you know that the spirit world doesn’t operate to an agenda. Each session, which lasts up to the time required, works intuitively and naturally. There are no guarantees.

Your loved one may not be ready to make themselves known to you presently but may come through to you at a later date. Keep an open mind and you will benefit enormously from these groups.

Awareness is our sixth sense and as we progress through life we gradually become who we desire and need to be.  Developing this awareness will, in my opinion, greatly enhance your life.  But don’t just take my word for it.  Come and join us.

You may find the process emotional and challenging, but don’t feel anxious. Why not contact me today to find out more?

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