The Dorothy Young Centre

Psychic Readings in Brighton

If you’re searching for a comfortable and safe space for psychic readings in Brighton, look no further. I’m an experienced spiritual medium who can help you to connect with those who have passed away.

I love what I do and I’m very pleased that I now have my own purpose-built centre very close to my home in Brighton. Why not contact me to find out more?

Imagine a peaceful, private place where you will feel totally at ease. Somewhere to connect with spirit, and to manifest your inner desire to feel close to the person you have lost. Well now – it’s here. Won’t you join me?

Welcome to the Dorothy Young Centre. Come on In

The Dorothy Young Centre has been a long time coming.

I designed and established the Centre specifically to accommodate my mediumship demonstrations. Importantly, it also offers a wonderful space for awareness and development groups, as well as my audiences.

It’s a single storey property, well appointed with everything you need. This is a space with a defined purpose: to offer you proof that the human soul continues to exist after the physical body is no longer with us.

It’s not a church, a town hall or a community centre. It’s only used by me in my role as a medium, and for the support and comfort of those wishing to benefit from the power of good thoughts.

Did the Dorothy Young Centre Come About?

As with many good things, the Centre evolved out of personal and professional circumstances. In effect, through demand. If you’re not too keen on the more “public” nature of psychic readings, I fully understand why you feel like this. Not to worry. There will always be a warm welcome for you at the Dorothy Young Centre, whether you’re with others or on your own.

The Centre has been designed and built to be as restful as possible. Surrounded by flowers in a beautiful, restful garden, you’ll be able to take time out to absorb the beauty and tranquillity of the outdoor space, as well as the indoor one.

There’s great energy in the Centre, too. An excellent vibe to help you on your path to recovery from grief.

Get in touch to learn more about The Dorothy Young Centre

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